GDPR is the challenging new General Data Protection Regulation introduced by the European Union.

GDPR broadens the scope of personal privacy laws to protect the data rights of EU citizens. It’s important to understand that GDPR is not limited to organizations based in the European Union. Whether you’re an EU-based business or not, if you have customers or employees in the EU you will be affected.

Clearly, everyone from the C-Suite to the DBA is looking for tools and platforms to help with compliance. Discovery Hub® gives you the ability to automate – and to automatically document – a robust, dynamic data infrastructure.

Whatever your choice, GDPR will soon force you to document:

  • What data you hold
  • Where you hold it
  • What it is used for
  • Who has access to it

Company Compliance Test

  • Is your BI, Reporting & Analytics solution fully documented?
  • Do you have full traceability of all your data in your BI, Reporting & Analytics setup?
  • Are you in control of data in your development and test BI, Reporting & Analytics environments?
  • Do you manage access control to data in your BI, Reporting & Analytics setup and can you document this?

If you do not have an automated data management platform, the answer to the above questions is most likely no. If you answered yes without automation, it will be a very time consuming task that must be expensive to maintain.

Traditional hand-built data warehouses do not provide automated documentation. Visualization tools such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI that access sources directly do not include automated documentation.

Five great reasons to use Discovery Hub® for GDPR support of your BI, Reporting & Analytics Architecture:

 Automated Documentation

Automatically document what data you hold and where you hold it



Data lineage & impact analysis help you answering the questions: where does my data come from, and where is it used?



Answers the question: who has access to my data?


Retain full documentation and anonymize personally identifiable information (PII), while transforming data into actionable information


Multiple Environments

Whether in test, development or production your data is fully documented. You have full version control and full security and traceability.

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