Procurement Excellence

Combining closed loop procurement management with state of art technology (for Spend & Saving Insight and Categorization) to provide transparency, give organizations the capability to drive substantially and savings, thereby improving profitability and competitiveness. We have spent the last six years giving large organizations that competitive edge.

If you and your organization recognize any of the following challenges:

  • Cumbersome manual/semi-manual data-collection process to generate spend-analysis
  • Spend analysis or realize savings is not transparent in the organization
  • Lack of proper data to drive category strategies
  • Unknown or unmanaged supplier risk
  • Procurements contribution is not properly recognized in the organization
  • Too much spend is unmanaged
  • Unknown or unmanaged contract compliance
  • Procurement processes are different in different parts of the organization


We can help you reach new levels of Procurement excellence.

Spend Insight is the foundation to Sourcing/Procurement Effectiveness, it enables you to identify potential saving. Spend Insight gives you the overview and details (down to viewing the actual invoice) on who spends how much, on what and with whom. The Dashboard, Analyses and Reports get updated on a daily basis showing the KPIs that you need to drive your business, while giving a high degree of transparency within the organization. “Organizations that use in-depth Spend Analysis save 60% more” Source: Aberdeen group


Saving Insight lets you visualize contracted savings, contract coverage and calculate realized saving with ease, it also helps you to identify uncontracted spend and opportunities for supplier-consolidation.

Rule-based Spend Categorization is the foundation for supplier strategies and continuous performance improvement.

Supplier Risk mitigation is provided by adding internal and external information to the suppliers and categories.

Contract Portfolio funnel management is a tool to help you keep track of and follow up the process of moving indicatives to contracts.

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